- Speed Dating -

Are you ready to put down your phone and turn off the apps and put yourself out there and meet real people in real places, if so, this is the event for you. Single and Eligible does the rest of the work, all you have to do if show up! Normally $60 ($45 for Pride Month HST included)

- Date Coaching -

At Single and Eligible we like to think of date coaching as the personal training of the dating world and we are ready to get you in shape! We work with clients one on one to coach them on better communication, help them navigate the world of dating world and cover topics such as why you’re still single, what you’re looking for, what to look for in a match, getting back into dating after a breakup, already in a relationship? How to improve your relationship and take it from a 5 to a 10!) = $75.00

- Matchmaking -

Are you looking to meet someone and have a specific type? Do you not have the time in your busy schedule to attend events and meet people socially? If so, matchmaking is a perfect solution where we work with clients one on one to help them meet quality singles. Single and Eligible brings the dates to you, all you have to do is meet them! For more information on matchmaking please email for more information.

- Dating Profile Makeover -

Dating profiles are the most important thing you can have on an app. A bad profile equals less matches even when you are so much better then what you write online. Let us work with you to help make the most attractive profile to highlight the best of you! $45.00

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