Speed dating is set up as a one-on-one approach instead of a mixer to ensure you do get to meet every person attending an event and have an equal opportunity with each person. What’s so unique about speed dating is it does allow for you to meet a variety of singles in one night. While you may look at someone and think you are not interested, you may quickly change your mind after meeting them one on one and realize you have a lot of similar interests and match with people you would not normally select while swiping on an app or browsing on an online website.

All speed dating events are organized by a theme and age group so you can meet singles such as yourself in your age range. For certain events, age groups may be combined to allow you to meet more singles who may be older or younger than your ideal age range. For more information on what the best group for you attend would be please refer to our events page or contact Single and Eligible for more event details.

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